Structured Investment

Structured Investment

Thinking Globally, Acting Locally.


Decades of experiences, resources and networks in Europe offer our specialists the latest insights and change-oriented executions in a dynamic market. The group management with the headquarter in Zurich, Switzerland grant a stable economic situation for your investments. 


We focus on your international activities, but also follow up your daily business. Our global partners for different part of process, such as bank, law, tax and construction, build up a strong foundation to work alongside you and every step of your investment.


Astelius makes the strategic plan, manages your asset and leads the process of your investment process. Our reliable partners for years work together under the allied mission of Astelius to deliver sustainable success you desire. 

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Who We Are

Who We Are

The beginning of Astelius Group came from a group of experienced consultants, fund managers and real estate agents, who are reliable partners working together over decades for diverse project developments. Their experiences and trustiness with each other built up the Astelius, which aims to provide international investors integrated and professional services in Europe.

Our decades of experience allows us to quickly identify new opportunities and adapt to change. It also gives us a competitive advantage in sourcing, selecting, negotiating, and managing real estate and infrastructure investments. Our hands-on management has the sole focus to realize the value and optimize return.


What We Do

What We Do

Astelius’s unparalleled relationships in real restate, hotel, logistics and manufacture industries allow us to find, identify and execute large complicated investment projects with speed and certainty. Our networks provide Astelius invaluable real-time market, industry and project information, for us to have the latest reaction and grasp with the best price. 

Our specialists’ experiences help Astelius to unlock value of investment projects by proactively plan, evaluate and address issues and odds in these coarse but latest market opportunity. 

Astelius creates values for market opportunities by creating into stabilised plans. Once plans are processed we sell the projects to long-term holders or users and return capital and bonus to our investors.