Today’s hotel operators are increasingly looking to diversify their offerings with a range of different concepts, frequently combing serviced apartments or boutique chains alongside their established brands, as well as branching out into new countries. From mega-mergers to niche acquisitions, consolidation is recalibrating the balance of power in the hotel industry as established operators get bigger and smaller brands seek new ways to differentiate themselves.


Astelius assists investment partners in achieving their goals and objectives in hotel industries. We provide guidance and oversight of the hotel acquisition process from target searching to operation consolidation. Astelius is committed to maximizing investment value and mitigating risk through opportunistic acquisition of under-managed and under-capitalized hotel assets.


  1. Acquisition Strategy and Criteria
  2. Target Searching 
  3. Market Analysis and Target Identification
  4. Assembling the Right Acquisition Team
  5. Target Evaluation
  6. Calculate Bid Pricing
  7. Property Condition Assessment and Reports
  8. Capital Improvement Plans and Cost Estimates
  9. Contract Negotiations
  10. Definitive Purchase and Sale Agreement
  11. Conduct Thorough Due Diligence
  12. Closing the Hotel Purchase
  13. Management Team Transition Process
  14. PIP Implementation Strategies
  15. Successful Hotel Operations
  16. Build Asset Long-Term Value
  17. Prudent and Effective Investment Strategies