Fully know your property is always our first step, draw up the solutions until know your needs in every point.

Real Estate Service is the most important and original service of Astelius to our global investors, starting with the beginning of us. We create, develop, sell, invest, buy and lease real estate properties in different types. Our decades experiences support your assets and your needs beyond your thinking. 

We embrace the human side of real estate business and draw up the solutions based on individual needs, no matter our client is the global company, or residence in the local. The services include project development, sales and lease, valuation, asset management and private real estate investment advisory service. 

 Range from the search for a suitable property over the entire construction phase to the handover of a turnkey building and the placement in the investment market. Create new construction projects but also offer plans on how existing property type can be converted according to demand.

Process from the strategy planning through the financial implementation and design to the final control. Collect and interpret real-time data on your business, locations and needs. Use the results to develop strategies that reduce risks and increase value. 

Support on both sell side and buy side 

Our Analysts are familiar with the European real estate market. We choose the appropriate method for different types of properties and compare it with a large number of comparison objects to create a property valuation. Detailed assessment includes deficiencies, suspicions, risks, and different costs.

Bring all your data together with powerful overlays to visualise trends and deliver predictive insights against your real estate performance.  Establish data governance. 

The retail and commercial asset managers in Astelius take care of all operations related to different types of assets. Our clients are benefited from the one-step holistic management of our experts. We always act in your best interests to ensure that your property is being managed efficiently, safely and sustainably. 

Optimise costs and continuously improve and innovate your property and asset management services through process improvement, development of disruptive technologies and changes to operating models.