Global cross-border M&A deals are growing at an explosive rate. However, due to incomplete understanding of the markets, flaws in due diligence, challenges in the integration of companies, and unpredictable obstacles, the target companies can be overvalued and the transaction may not reach the expected value or return.

M&A team of Astelius assists you with your M&A projects in Europe. From target companies selecting, strategic design, tax frameworks, due diligence, to integrating business, people, processes, and culture. The team with professional knowledge, extensive experience, and familiarity with the local market provideS you with efficient advice throughout your M&A in Europe.

M&A Strategy and Target Selection

Market Entry Research

Tax Structure


Government Approval

Due Diligence

Negotiation Support

Contacts and Legal Documents

Purchase Price Allocation

Finance, Management Integration

Transaction Review

Exit Strategy

Portfolio Strategy

Integration and Restructuring in the Post-acquisition Stage


The completion of the transaction is only the first step. The integration of the two companies after the M&A, the governance of the acquiring company is more important. Especially, in cross-border transactions, different cultures, languages and historical business models can lead to friction.

We assist the integration in two stages. In the early stage, we assist the management teams of both parties, who participate in the integration, with the drafting of the initial integration plan and execution.

In the later stage, we assist the employees of the acquirer in overseas licensing, cultural integration, and help them to familiar with overseas corporate governance and related laws and policies.