At Astelius we believe that the global thinking delves the potentials, but only actions following local standards and ethics can drive the final success.

Thinking Globally, Acting Locally


Achieving your goals and maximising your returns.


Providing you project developments with high quality and experienced investment services locally, nationally and internationally


Clients, Partnership and Continuous Returns 

“The best engineers for the project development of an office building in London are useless at a hotel building in Berlin. The best New York corporate lawyers cannot do much to help manage and restructure a corporate structure in Europe or Asia. 

The team and network of the Astelius Group are based on many years of experience of people who have worked for large consulting companies or global corporations for many years. The lawyer team and offices that Astelius Group works with are reliable partners who have over decades proven their expertise, reliabilities, and experiences on an international scale.”


CEO of Astelius Group

Waldemar Jasinski